Christian Dennery (31), “a Haitian, born in Canada…no more, no less,” came to New York as a student and jazz guitarist and found work in the restaurant industry. He met and married his wife Dolores, a modern dancer, when they worked at the same East Village bistro in the 1990s. In 2000, with a one year-old son, $10,000 and a lot of sweat equity, they started Liquors, a restaurant in trendy Fort Greene, Brooklyn. Christian, as the public face of Liquors, is constantly in motion: managing employees, meeting and greeting guests, wheeling and dealing with potential investors. He is extroverted, compulsive, and single-minded in his continuous pursuit of the next deal. Christian is a charismatic dealmaker and an ambitious dreamer who has found his true calling as an entrepreneur. As the primary subject of If You Succeed, he provides the voice of the film; his soliloquies on debt, money, business, and family are insightful, but often contradictory.



Dolores Lagdameo (29), a Filipina-American raised in Cincinnati, came to New York after college to pursue her dream of dancing professionally. Instead, she became a waitress, met Christian, and then became a wife, a mother and a small business owner. Dolores balances the books at Liquors, cares for their son Gabriel, and yet somehow still manages to find time to rehearse and perform as a dancer. A pragmatist as well as an artist, she sees business largely as a means to an end. Though she is a competent and confident businesswoman, entrepreneurship is not her true calling. Her ability to multi-task and to reign in Christian’s wildest entrepreneurial dreams, however, keeps the restaurant running, the bills paid, and food (literally) on the table.


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